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NEWS:  My new book is done and available on Amazon!

Front cover River Ice Intro new

An Introduction to
for Civil Engineers and Geoscientists

This book is designed to provide a supplementary technical reference for senior undergraduate courses related to river engineering, to be used as the basis for the introductory portions of a specialized graduate course in river ice engineering, and as a reference text for practicing professionals.  Click this link or the photo of the book cover, to learn more.


Fiction and creative non-fiction books:

    DM cover April 2013 new 2 (small)    

Educational books:

      Book 1 Front Cover    A_Christmas_Book_for_Cover_for_Kindle    Book2 Front Cover

If you have purchased the eBook versions of either of my ukulele books – please click here to download printable files of the song sheets.

8 Responses to Home

  1. I have read your book ‘A day In the Life Of A Professor” and have found it extremely interesting. I liked especially the partial differential equation ploy.You were the princess and are now the queen, according a royal treatment to the oldest branch of engineering and also to pets. Your book on ice reminds me of the great books on sand dunes, and who can better describe ice rivers than a civil engineer knowing vector calculus,PDEs and hydrodynamics, this also being your dissertation area?
    I wonder how the senior professor handled Kenny Baker! Hope your next revision mentions that.

    • Faye Hicks says:

      Hi there – thanks so much for reading my book and for taking time to post a comment!
      You have me thinking now that it is time to add more stories to the book! 😉

  2. Christine Caddell says:

    I just finished your book “who says you can’t herd cats”. Absolutely loved it!! I have 23 cats so loved that you ended the book on #23. I relate to so much and found myself laughing out loud many times. Bless you and your husband for helping so many!!

  3. Hey Ma’am Hope you will be healthy and fresh. I need Software Engineering professor who need young Researcher in the field of Software Engineering. I am interested and I am final Semester Student of Software Engineering..

  4. J says:

    Hello Ms.Hicks,
    I have gone through your “writing a winning scholarship” article. I was very helpful. I am applying for scholarship next month. Is there any E-mail address where I can contact you regarding my proposal?

    Kind Regards

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