“Defining Moments” is on sale for 50% off

If you haven’t yet downloaded the eBook version of my new novel – now’s the time to get it!  It’s on sale for 50% off (yup – that’s just $3.50) until Jan 15, 2012.  That’s about the price of your typical Cappuccino or Latte  – and this will last you MUCH longer. (It’s ~96,000 words long – or about 8 to 15 hours of reading enjoyment!)

You can download it for reading on a Kindle, Kobo, iPad,  Mac, PC, etc.  – just click here to bring up the book’s web page.  Even if you don’t own an eReader device – you can read my novel online in HTML format or on your computer as a PDF.  You can even download a free Kindle eBook reader for your computer at the Amazon web site.

To get the 50% discount, just enter coupon code ND94T at the checkout and the price will reduce to $3.50. You will have to sign up for a Smashwords membership – but hey, that’s no different from any other website you’re using to buy eBooks and, once you do sign-up, you can access the hundreds of free eBooks that Smashwords offers, as well!

Please help me to get the word out by telling EVERYONE you know and encouraging them to take advantage of this sale price!

Not sure you want to pay $3.50 until you try it out?  No problem – you can read up to 30% of the book without paying a cent!  Just download the free sample and if you’re not hooked by the time you’ve read 30% of the book – you’ve not wasted a penny! (Just click here  to open the eBook’s web page and then scroll down to access the free samples.)

Need help to download the eBook?  Just click here to get a PDF with step by step instructions.  If you have any problems getting the eBook – just email me for help at faye@fayehicks.com.

If you’re a reader that prefers the feel of a ‘real’ book – not to worry – “Defining Moments” will be available in print in just a few weeks! If you would like more info, or want to be one of the first to get a copy – email me at purchasing@fayehicks.com.

Hope you enjoy it!  If you’ve read the book, please use the comment feature below to let me know what you think!

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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1 Response to “Defining Moments” is on sale for 50% off

  1. Faye Hicks says:

    Review by: Amy Kim posted on Smashwords on Jan. 05, 2012:

    “I could only manage to put this book down twice…I haven’t done that with a novel in a couple years at least. The story moves forward very quickly, and kept me hooked! Also, the some of the experiences that the main character Ellie are pretty unique – I don’t think there are many stories out there about women in engineering 30 years ago, probably because the engineer/novelist combo itself is unique! Anyway it was a super fun read, perfect for my winter holiday!”

    Thanks Amy – glad you liked it!

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