Sex, Peed Pants, Star Trek, iPhones, Scrabble and Ukuleles

Follow up note – Star Trek enthusiasts may also want to check out my more recent post “Forget sex, it’s all about Star Trek“…

I have been doing some major blog surfing these past few weeks and I’ve been particularly interested to see what things attract people to a particular site.  Of course on WordPress, being ‘Freshly Pressed’, helps – since it’s the first thing we see when we hit the home page.  But for me – the most interesting stuff still comes through ‘Blogroll Surfing’. I’m usually looking for humour, so I inevitably start at my sister-in-law’s Blogroll (see it at since she and I share the same – admittedly slightly warped – sense of humour.  From there – I drift where my funny bone takes me.  Here are some of my latest and greatest finds…

To start off with – I always have to stop and spend some time going back through Sylvia’s blog posts – despite the fact that I am subscribed and have already read them all.  In fact, I wait impatiently for the emails announcing new posts and I read each one the MINUTE I get the notice – no matter where I am.  (Yes – shh – even when I’m at work.  I’m just hoping one doesn’t come up while I am lecturing.) Still, every time I pop over to check out her Blogroll for some new leads, I need to budget at least a half hour to go back through and re-enjoy some of her posts.  Try it – I think you’ll agree.

Last weekend, when I finally managed to drag my eyes over to Sylvia’s  Blogroll – Life in the Boomer Lane caught my eye.  It started me thinking – what are the ‘red light’ words or phrases that the most successful bloggers use to steer us to their site, despite the hundreds of thousands of other possibilities out there?  Clearly “boomer” is one.  As I was perusing this site, trying to decide what to read first, I immediately gravitated to a post called the Top iPhone Apps for Post 50 Folks.  Ooo – iPhone Apps!  Red light!  Naturally, I had to check that out and I wasn’t disappointed.  Just looking at the picture at the top cracked me up.  Check it out for a great example of this blog and a good chuckle.

A while later I ended up at Ashley Jillian’s blog, lured in by a photo of Mr. Spock (ooo Star Trek – rrrred light!) and an article called “Blogging Tips, Delivered (Sex)”.  Okay – I’ll admit it; it was the word ‘sex’ in the title that actually caught my eye on the blogging tips post (RED LIGHT!)  That’s gotta be a biggy, I thought.  Too bad I don’t know anything about it or I would start a blog called…  well…  just SEX!”  Anyway, the blogging tips were terrific and it seems that the word ‘sex’ in the title might have pumped up the traffic a bit.  (We’ll see if it does the same for me.)  I was especially interested to read one of the comments – by “Becoming Cliché”  – advising the use of the phrase ‘peed pants’ in order to “drive traffic to your blog. Your numbers will skyrocket.” Very exciting news indeed! (We’ll see if it works for me.)   I could write a lot of posts on ‘peed pants’ – I’ve even got a recipe!

1 bottle of wine + 1 boomer aged woman = peed pants

Whoops sorry – that’s an equation.  (It’s the damn engineering professor in me sneaking out again.)  Still it’s a recipe of sorts – a ‘recipe for disaster’ that, unfortunately, works for me every time.

Of course, I had to take a look at Becoming Cliché’s great blog – and you should, too. I suggest you start with her hilarious post “Your Comprehensive Guide to Passive Aggression, Vol. 1”.  Who would have thought that Blog Surfing could be fun AND educational?  I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2!

Some other obvious red light words seem to be ‘Scrabble’ and ‘Ukulele’.  They too are irresistible to me and my own two blog posts on these topics continue to be my most read.  I only wish I knew enough about Scrabble and ukuleles to write more!

What about you?  Are there certain words or phrases that guide your Blog Surfing choices?  Have they led you to equally great blogs?   I’d love to hear about them.  In the meantime, I hope you are reading my blog at work!

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Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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4 Responses to Sex, Peed Pants, Star Trek, iPhones, Scrabble and Ukuleles

  1. Many thanks for the shout out! Re words that drive people to one’s site, in my case, “sex” does nothing (uh, for the blog). For some reason, “fat-cat” sends them to me in droves. Go figure. I have yet to try “giving away boatloads of cash” or “I am Justin Bieber’s grandmother.”

  2. Great post…and the fact that I’m mentioned here makes it even better! Seems to be such a fine line between good post titles and just plain creepy titles…glad to know that you found the balance….

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