Snow-blowing in shorts?

Where else but in Alberta would you find a man snow-blowing the driveway in his shorts?  A hardy Canuck indeed!

Does THIS mean spring is finally here?   Let’s hope so!  It’s been so warm here since the big blizzard on Thursday that most of the snow had melted before he even got a chance to do the snow-blowing.  But after four false alarms – I am not getting my hopes up this time…  I’ll just jinx it again.

My husband - cleaning up after the big blizzard on Thursday.

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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4 Responses to Snow-blowing in shorts?

  1. Sorry–but to a Maritimer, that tiny bit of snow does not a blizzard make! Lol.

  2. johnsonpaul says:

    Hey, thanks!Good point! Sometimes I got to learn to let the pictures speak the thousand words that are known for. 🙂 I agree.

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