House for Sale…

Well, at the risk of beating a poor dead horse, here’s the latest twist in our schizophrenic spring…  Yep, woke up to snow (again) this morning.  That’s on April 27th folks – unbelievable!

You know, I actually though we were done with all this snowy crap last Monday  when we hit record breaking warm temperatures across Alberta.  Yes, it was beautiful and sunny on election day – more than +20 C here in Edmonton (that’s 70-75 F for our American friends.)  Now I realize it was just unusually warm that day to make a fool of the leader of the Wildrose Party – who apparently doesn’t believe in climate change or global warming.  Could that be how the Conservatives pulled off the big victory?

So – when I woke up to snow this morning I had to wonder – will this be the year it happens?   The year we get snow in every single month?  I’ve heard people say that July is the only month that it has never snowed in Alberta.  Personally – I don’t know about June or July – but I do know we’ve had snow in May and August – I’ve seen it myself more than once.  Here below is a photo I took on August 8, 1992.  Look at my poor flowers!  The vegetable garden died that day, too.

You must be wondering – why the heck did I stick around Alberta for another 20 years after that happened?  It’s a good question – but the truth is, up to this year at least, I always felt that great weather was Alberta’s best kept secret.  When I came here from New Brunswick, we’d just gone through a winter with 1 to 2 feet of snow falling every day. The snow drifts were over my head!  And that was after a summer in which it rained for 39 days straight.  (I was just nailing the trim on the Ark when the sun finally peeked out.)  I came to Alberta expecting brutally cold, savage winters and cool, crisp summers.  Instead I discovered that a “heavy snowfall” in Alberta is ~10 cm (yep, just about 4 inches) and that it’s sunny 99% of the time.  Summers are warm in Alberta; it usually only rains a bit in the evenings (localized thundershowers) and it’s a dry heat (and a dry cold.)  I loved it.  I bragged about it.  I never even considered leaving and going back to the rainy, damp, snowy Maritimes.

Now all of that has changed.  They have our weather and we’ve got theirs.  They have our ‘sunny, warm, dry’ spring and we have their ‘rainy, drizzly, windy, cold, sleety, snowy, never gonna f%$&ing end’ spring…

So – anybody looking to buy an acreage in sunny Alberta?  I know a nice house for sale.  Here’s the pitch that hooked me…

…I was disappointed though that the “arch rib quonset” didn’t actually match the cathedral ceiling in the living room.  😉

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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2 Responses to House for Sale…

  1. trooperstale says:

    You’re not on your own! I’m fifty miles north of Toronto (thank goodness!) A month ago I was in shorts……today it snowed!!

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