Why can’t I sleep?

A friend told me about this great iPhone App  – Sleep Cycle.  You place your iPhone by your pillow and it documents your sleep pattern.  Being an engineer, I was particularly enamoured by the fact that it even makes a nice little graph of the results.

I was keen to see if I have any interesting sleep patterns – since I seem to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  Probably it’s the stress of my day job, or the fact that my dear husband snores loud enough to rattle the windows, or the fact that we share the bed with a half-dozen cats and dogs, or perhaps because I will soon be a junior -senior and old people don’t sleep well, right?

But I’ve had this problem since I was a single, petless, jobless, young adult – either I cannot get to sleep or I wake up early and cannot get back to sleep.  I gave up coffee more than 25 years ago, I never drink tea after 12 noon – yet I still have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  Lately, I’ve also been having trouble waking up – even if I sleep right through the night – I’m like a zombie in the morning.  It takes me hours to wake up fully.

So I’ve been trying this little App and I’ve discovered a few interesting things…

First of all,  I’ve got to stop drinking water before bed – since I am up between 2 and 4 am every night to get rid of it, and it’s not always easy to get back to sleep. Second, it seems I am often just getting into my deep sleep when the alarm goes off in the morning.  No wonder I feel like a zombie!  This software will actually try and wake you up when you are sleeping more lightly – but it seems the half hour window it lets you choose is not quite long enough for me.

Hey – maybe this is all fiction.  I’ve been reading the reviews of this App and some people are saying that the graphs are fake – that they get a graph even when they leave their iPhone on a table overnight.  So tonight, I am going to test that hypothesis out – who knows? Maybe I can get a journal paper out of this little research project! 😉

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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7 Responses to Why can’t I sleep?

  1. Throughout my life I’ve been to doctors — Boston Medical Center, Houston Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center — trying to find out what was wrong with me since I don’t sleep more than 2½ hours at a time. I get about eight hours of sleep each day, but in 30 minute catnaps here and there. When I get tired, I just take a catnap. Finally, one doctor in College Station, Texas, introduced me to catnapping. That’s me. A true catnapper. Now I simply work it into my life, which means that I can make myself available 24/7 to my Clients and not lose any sleep over it, so to speak.

    • Faye Hicks says:

      That’s very interesting – and it’s great that you have learned how to make it work to your advantage. Sadly, I have not yet mastered the art of catnapping. I either can’t get to sleep or can’t wake up and want to sleep for hours… which doesn’t fit too well with my ‘8 to 5’ job. 😉
      Thnaks for visiting my blog and for commenting! 🙂

  2. Lisa Lemon says:

    That’s super cool Faye! Keep me posted on the “putting it on the table thing”. I’d love to try it. My sleeps have not been great since menopause started but before that I slept like a baby, standing up, anywhere, anytime.

    • Faye Hicks says:

      It is neat isn’t it? Check out today’s post for the table’s sleep graph. 🙂
      Watch your mailbox for a parcel – I finally remembered to mail you a copy of my book – something to read when you can’t sleep at night. Not that it will put you to sleep, mind. At least I hope not!

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