OMG – are people really this stupid?

Lately I have been hearing about, and seeing, a lot of really idiotic things that people do while getting around our city.  For example, earlier this week I heard a story on the radio about a motorcyclist who ran into the back of a truck while texting… I couldn’t believe my ears – this idiot was texting while driving… already irresponsible and dangerous… but while driving a motorcycle?  I’m sorry – but just how stupid does a person have to be to do this?  Well – apparently it’s not rare – just Google “motorcyclist texting” and you’ll find pages of links. One guy even does it while standing up on his bike and facing backwards…  (Click on the photo to see the video…)

Of course whenever this happens the police get on the radio and tell us all about the crazy stuff they see – so we heard about the woman with the curling iron driving with her elbows, and about the guy reading the newspaper and drinking  coffee while driving with his knees.  My favorite was the guy they caught driving down the highway at 140 km/h while playing the guitar.  Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to think you can play guitar while speeding along a crowded highway? These are the people they invented the Darwin Awards for, no doubt.

These fools are everywhere.  For example, on my commute yesterday, there was a trucker who realized he was going down a freeway the wrong way and jack-knifed his 18 wheeler while trying to get turned around.  He then rolled the truck into a ditch. Tell me – just how stupid do you have to be to end up going the wrong way on a freeway?   Didn’t he notice all those big red “WRONG WAY” signs?

Recently, I almost got hit by a similarly confused person.  I take a one way street through a residential area at the tail end of my commute, as do a many other people going to the same destination at the end of this little street.  Last week, we all encountered a person going the wrong way.  Okay, granted it’s a bit easier to get mixed up about this on a residential road.  But hey, if you were the only car driving down a narrow street and you encountered 20 cars coming from the other direction, ALL driven by folks madly tooting their horns and waving their arms  – wouldn’t you at least squeeze over to the side a bit instead of plowing right down the middle of the road?  And speaking of one way streets – what’s up with these idiots who sit in the right lane waiting to make a left turn – what do they think the left lane is for on a one way street? Ya, I know – they don’t think… that’s the problem! Sheese!

It’s bad enough that there are so many stupid adults out there on the roads – but what really gets to me is when people actively teach their children to be idiots.  For example, in my commute a few weeks ago I was stopped at a pedestrian crossing light and, just as it turned green and I moved my foot to the gas to start out, PING!  This guy came flying across the road on his bicycle. It’s a miracle I saw him because there were trees right up to the edge of the road, so he looked like he exploded out of nowhere.  I stomped on the brakes and managed to stop in time – mainly because I’d barely got going.  Then PING! Right behind him, out flew a woman on her bike.  By this time the light had been green long enough that anyone coming down the road behind me would not even have thought to slow down.   Then right behind the woman PING! Out flew a little kid, pedaling like mad – trying to catch up to Ma and Pa.  Someone should call social services to report these people – they’re too stupid to be parents. What the heck are they thinking – teaching their kid to pull dangerous stunts like this?

What about you – do you see stupid crap like this every day during your commute, too?  Please comment – I’d love to hear about it.  After all misery loves company! 🙂

P.S. Where’s the Tylenol?  I need a vacation!

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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7 Responses to OMG – are people really this stupid?

  1. A vacation? I have just the perfect place for you…Casa Morice….available year-round for a very reasonable rte of $0.00 per night. Highly recommended by all people who have stayed there before…

    Love ya!

  2. There is no accounting for the adrenalin rush that people get from being stupid, or that stupid people get from doing stupid things…………

  3. Sharon Hicks says:

    I’m forever witnessing the mindless bicycle riders who seem to think the rules of the road simply don’t apply to THEM ! … go figure – they demand ‘equal rights’ on our roadways, then simply ignore stop signs, stop lights, yield signs, and the like … and heaven forbid they should stay in one lane all the way through !! It’s as if they see traffic as being simply splines to weave around.

  4. Faye Hicks says:

    Too right – they drive me crazy, too.
    On one part of my commute there is a paved bike path running right beside the street and barely enough room on the street itself for two cars to pass as they approach each other. Every morning there is at least one idiot pedalling on the street (causing a huge traffic backup) instead of riding on the frigging bike path. It’s right beside the street – how stupid can they be? Oh man – where’s the Valium…?

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