Travel Theme: Foliage

While we wait for the latest prompt from the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would post a few Weekly Travel Theme photos.   Thanks to Ailsa at “Where’s my backpack?” for the invitation to join in!

This week Ailsa’s theme is Foliage and what a great choice it is for this time of year!  Here in western Canada – the trees are orange and golden – definitely not as exotic as the range of fall colours in my home province of New Brunswick, but the lighting is always intense in ‘big sky Alberta’, and that makes up for it a bit.  Hope you like them!


I took this photo last week, among about a thousand test shots I did for the cover of my new novel: Lost!


The colours and lighting were gorgeous today – so I took a few hundred more…



The leaves were falling so fast as I took these – I’m guessing they’ll all be down by tomorrow – typical for Alberta.

Given that ‘fall foliage’ was the backdrop for my new book’s test covers – maybe you could give me your opinion on this shortlist?  (You can click on each cover to see slightly larger versions.)  Note – only your vote is recorded – not your name or contact info.  Thanks for participating!

About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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4 Responses to Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. Love the fall pictures you took! And I voted for the first book cover in the group, although I think the word placement could still use some tweaking. But then again, you know me–very opinionated! Great post!

  2. Great shots Faye! I’d love to invite you to participate in another weekly photo challenge! Our theme for this week is in a similar vein, “Fall” – although the photos certainly do not need to be of leaves!

    Our Wild Weekly Photo Challenge encourages bloggers to head into the wild (or the backyard) and photograph something that they feel fits the weekly theme.

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