Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

The topic for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘home‘ and, for me, a Maritimer displaced to Alberta for the past 30+ years, that word always makes me think of New Brunswick and the east coast of Canada… Last summer my husband and I bought a cottage down there – his father and sister both have cottages at the same beach, and we’ve spent many a happy vacation visiting them there over the years.  We plan to move back ‘home’ once we retire and we’re both pretty excited about the prospect.  In the meantime, here are some pictures that remind me of ‘home’.


Low tide at the beach…  It’s very relaxing beach-combing with my sister-in-law here.  At high tide, the water is up around the base of the rocks. (I’m thinking I’ll be needing a sailboat when I retire…)


Here’s the view from our cottage window – we can’t wait to get ‘home’ this summer and enjoy this view in person…

IMG_0847 x

Many of our trip backs ‘home’ over the years have been to visit, and vacation with, my sister-in-law and her family.  Here’s a photo I took on our memorable trip to beautiful Meat Cove in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Must get back there sometime once we move back ‘home’.


In the meantime we will dream of salt breezes and walks on the beach, from our wintry ‘home’ in the Great White North…  From what I hear, things look pretty much the same back ‘home’ in New Brunswick today!


About Faye Hicks

Writer, animal lover, retired engineer, and professor emeritus.
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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Love the pictures! And I’m sooooo looking forward to having you here full-time.

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  3. Jo Bryant says:

    It looks wonderful. Living at the beach is my dream.

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