New Cover – extended epilogue – free this weekend!

DM cover April 2013 new 2 (small)FREE AGAIN THIS WEEKEND: Aug 31 to Sept 2!

Hey everyone – to celebrate the awesome new cover for Defining Moments designed by Christy Johns, I am giving away the Kindle book for free this weekend on  Click here to get your free copy.

I’ve also added an extended ending – for those of you need to know – “What comes next?”

Here’s a description of the book:

Have you ever wished you could turn back time and undo a bad decision? Scientist Ellie Ward can do exactly that. She discovered a window to the past when she was nine and she’s been using it to extract herself from bad situations ever since. Each time it returns Ellie to her ‘defining moment’  – the point in time where a bad decision set  her on the path to tragedy. The problem is, Ellie never knows what her defining  moments were and so she never has any idea how much of her life she’s going to  have to repeat to avoid her latest ordeal. When Ellie’s research takes her to a  remote area of northern Canada, she faces yet another crisis when her small  plane crashes in the bush. Seriously injured and stranded more than 2000 miles  from her portal to the past, this time Ellie has no way to ‘rewind the clock’.

I hope you enjoy it!  Please take a minute to post a rating and comment on Amazon if you do!

(Note – if you don’t have a Kindle reader – no problem – you can download a free Kindle reader for your computer, Ipad, Android, etc. at this link.)

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2 Responses to New Cover – extended epilogue – free this weekend!

  1. I just downloaded the book and am anxious to read the new ending.

  2. Faye Hicks says:

    Hope you like it! 🙂

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