Creative Works

In addition to writing technical books and scholarly articles, I enjoy writing fiction and creative non-fiction.  If you like animals and humour, reading about crazy jobs, or just want to get lost in an adventure, you might want to check out the books below.  Just click on the cover to see the books on Amazon!

  DM cover April 2013 new 2 (small)    

Defining Moments – a Novel – Scientist Ellie Ward discovered a portal to the past at her childhood home when she was nine and she’s been using it to extract herself from bad situations ever since. Each time it’s returned her to the defining moment in her past – the point in time where a bad decision set her on the path to tragedy. When Ellie’s research takes her to a remote area of northern Canada, she faces yet another crisis when her small plane crashes in the bush. Seriously injured and stranded more than 2000 miles from her window to the past, this time Ellie has no way to rewind the clock. Time travel, tragedy, adventure, romance – something for everyone!

A Day in the Life of a Professor – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professor?  Do they really sit around all day drinking coffee and avoiding students?  What happens when a student starts projectile vomiting during an exam with 500 other students?  Get the answers to all your pressing questions! 😉

Who Says you Can’t Herd Cats? –  If you’re a cat lover, if you’ve ever brought home a stray or opened your door to a wee ball of fur on a cold winter’s day, or if you just like a good belly laugh – then this book is for you! In these 22 short stories, you’ll meet the complete cornucopia of crazy cats who have adopted us and made the “Hicks Cat Ranch” their home over the past 20 years.