Technical Books

So far I have written two technical books: The Weird and Wonderful World of River Ice (a photo book for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating topic) and An Introduction to River Ice Engineering (with essential basics for Civil Engineers and Geoscientists who work in and around rivers).

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Book 1 Front Cover     Front cover River Ice Intro new

The Weird and Wonderful World of River Ice – Have you ever looked at a river during freeze-up and marvelled at how unusual it appears? Thanks to the complex interactions between stream currents and weather conditions, rivers experience a fascinating variety of ice processes. If you’ve ever wondered how rivers freeze up – this is your opportunity to learn about frazil ice, hummocky ice, and ice jams – as well as fun ice types like pizza ice, marble ice, ice trumpets, and ice flowers. With more than 60 beautiful full color photos, this book is your essential introduction to the weird and wonderful world of river ice.