River Ice Textbook

Now available as a full colour book and as a Kindle eBook…

Front cover River Ice Intro newThe Kindle eBook version is FREE this weekend – Jan 13 and 14, 2018!

River ice affects most streams in the northern hemisphere for several months each winter and is often responsible for severe floods and infrastructure damage.  Consequently, an understanding of river ice processes and hydraulics is essential for civil engineers, and professionals in related disciplines, who work in and around rivers. Despite the fact that ice can occupy our streams for six months or more each year, very few undergraduate engineering programs offer much instruction on this topic and only a small number of graduate programs offer specialized river ice engineering courses.  To help fill that knowledge gap, this book provides a supplementary technical reference for senior undergraduate courses related to river engineering and can also be used as the basis for the introductory portions of a specialized graduate course in river ice engineering.  Practicing professionals will find it a useful reference text.  Scroll down to see a list of the book’s chapters.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Freeze-Up and Winter Ice Processes
  3. River Breakup Processes
  4. River Ice Properties
  5. Hydraulics of Ice Covered Channels
  6. Quantifying Thermal Ice Processes
  7. Ice Jam Formation and Release
  8. Ice Jam Flood Mitigation
  9. Designing and Implementing a Safe Field Program

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