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A Christmas Book for the Ukulele Beginner

Hey there everyone – I’ve just finished my latest book and I’m hoping you’ll check it out. If you’ve been thinking about getting a ukulele for yourself, or for someone you love, what better time to do it than at … Continue reading

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There’s a ‘scanner’ in your pocket!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me – I love gadgets, especially multi-purpose gadgets! And, as most people know, a smartphone is the ultimate multi-purpose gadget.  My iPhone is my entertainment centre; it keeps me on schedule (sort-of); it’s … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Learning to Play the Fiddle #5 …or… How long is this going to take anyway?

As I mentioned in  an earlier post on this topic, I’ve been a bit discouraged lately about my apparent lack of progress at learning the fiddle.  I’ve been at it for 12 months now and I still can’t play Orange Blossom Special or Turkey … Continue reading

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